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The North American Coalition of Lighting Industry Queers exists as a hub for advocacy, mutual support, networking, socializing, and sharing information about our industry. NACLIQ (pronounced NAY-click) welcomes all LGBTQIA+ people and their allies to join this safe space to discuss important LGBTQIA+ issues, and to look at more lighting-centered topics from a queer perspective.

NACLIQ is dedicated to uniting all gender and sexual minorities in the lighting industry to address important issues such as workplace and hiring discrimination, income inequality, harassment, inclusion, representation, etc. NACLIQ and its affiliated organizations advocate to raise the profile of all queer lighting practitioners through direct interaction within the lighting community, academic outreach, cooperation with other industry organizations, and presence and active participation in lighting events. NACLIQ will always strive to advocate for, empower, and support those most in need, and work to achieve equity for all genders and sexual orientations.

Please join us for discourse, news, and the occasional meme on social media (Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn), and look for us at major lighting events.


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